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Karachi in 1866

Figure 1.  Kurrachee, from Frere Hall, 1866 NE.
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 The photographs in this blog were taken by, or collected by Captain Charles James Barton who was stationed at Karachi from about 1865 until 1867 with A Battery 18th Brigade, Royal Artillery.

Charles Barton commanded this unit from 1862 to 1867. During this period it had previously been stationed at Belgaum and Hyderabad in Scinde. It was the first breech loading artillery to be deployed to India equipped with Armstrong Guns.

Figure 2.  A/18 R.A. Karachi, Persians [referring to the horses]
The arrow leads to Capt. C.J. Barton.

Figure 3. Kurrachee from Frere Hall 1866 NW

Figure 4. Frere Hall 1866

Figure 5.  Trinity Church Kurrachee 1866

Figure 6. Kurrachee R.A. Lines 1866. Patterson Barton, son of 
Charles Barton, also an RA Officer has added a note
to say that he also lived in the same house from 1898 to 1900.

Figure 7.  R.A. Lines Kurrachee 1866.

Figure 8.  Kurrachee 1866.  View from R.A. 2 Bgd.

Figure 9. Kurrachee 1866. View from R.A. Lines Front Row.


Figure 10. Sir Bartle Frere, Miss Frere, Moore CS. Mansfield CS.
Manston, Lady Frere, Miss Frere.

Figure 11. Revd. Mr Bagnell, Chaplain at Karrachee. 1866.

If you are able to locate any of these buildings today, I would be pleased to hear from you, and I would also like to be able to put biographical details to the people in the photos.

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